Natalie’s life has played out like one long country song. The product of a broken home, with numerous stepbrothers, sisters and mothers, the singer was raised by her truck driver father, a KB drinkin’, camel-smokin’ man with the charm of Burt Reynolds. He would sing along to classics by Willie Nelson and The Highwaymen as Natalie lay in the sleeper cab of his prime mover, rolling interstate.

Natalie’s singing career didn’t begin until the age of 34, when she realised her love for writing was more than just words on a page, it was her way of feeding her emotion an escape from the daily routine. In just three years Natalie has been up, down and across Australia singing and sharing her stories of love, loss and heartache to festivals and shows all over.
The Debut Single “If We Said Goodbye" was produced by Bill Chambers and held a powerful message, that “you can raise your babies equally as well apart.”

The first single and title track from the debut album, Apple & Pride, is one of those super personal songs that you have to write but hesitate to share.
It's vulnerable but powerful and sits perfectly alongside the last single. "There aren't enough songs written about grown women problems, not boyfriends and crushes, but serious mature issues that many of us face." - Nat Henry.
Without being too deep and dark, lyrically, Apple and Pride is solid Americana but the instrumentation is reminiscent of some of Nat's favourite late 90's chick rock.



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